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Company Info
  • Cumulative Subscribers 3.7million +
  • Cumulative App Downloads 8.9million +
  • Centers Using Kids Note Worldwide 70,980 +
  • Kids reports drafted to date 600million +
As of April 2022

We dreams of becoming the no.1
platform for childcare and education.

Kidsnote History Tab

  • 2022.03Signed MOU with the Korea Educare Association
  • 2021.12Signed MOU with the Korea Educare Association
  • 2021.11Signed MOU with Kookmin University's Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation - Develop Kids Note character
  • 2021.10Launched the e-Docu + service
  • 2020.02Launched the E-Attendance service
  • 2019.11Signed agreement to provide premium service in Japan
  • 2019.07Winner of the 2019 Korea First Brand Awards - Grand Prize for mobile report services
  • 2018.11Became a subsidiary of Kakao Investment
  • 2018.01Launched KidsnoteBook
  • 2017.01Launched Kids Note Store (Online mall)
  • 2015.07Published "Guide to Writing a Kids Note Report"
  • 2015.01Became a subsidiary of Kakao Corporation
  • 2014.04Signed agreement with Child Fund Korea
  • 2013.06Signed MOU with the Korea Kindergarten Association
  • 2012.08Signed MOU with the Korea Educare Association
  • 2012.04Established Kids Note Corporation

Best communication solution for
centers and families, Kids Note!

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    All center directors, teachers and parents
    can use Kids Note, free of charge.
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    Use Kids Note anywhere,
    on any device.
  • Solution for reliable
    Kids Note offers efficiency to centers
    and trust to families.
    Winner of the 2019 Korea First Brand Awards
    (Grand Prize for mobile report services)
  • Stable service that
    uses Kakao technology
    Kids Note is a Kakao subsidiary, offering services based on Kakao's secure and stable technology.
No. 1 user experience and service!

Make special communication
with Kids Note

Manage documents easily

Efficient administrative work done with e-Docu+

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  • Simple and safe Children management

    Use the admission document feature to collect data,
    and safely manage documents, from storing to printing.

  • Recorded on Kids Note reportBehavior Observation & Growth Check

    Simply load contents in Kid Note's report and album
    to easily write down information and check your child's development.

  • Quick and no contact Admission Management

    Just select the document and the child!
    Two clicks is all you need to request documents needed for admission and operation, and to check how documents are being processed.

Make your center work smarter

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3 seconds and done! Record the temperature automatically

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Attendance is entered automatically
with no manual entry required

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Teacher's Attendance

Teacher's attendance is easily managed
with Kids Note

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Homepage Service

Easy-to-manage and affordable homepage operation services

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Kids Note's solution to preserving your child's precious memories

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