A Guide to the Privacy Policy of Kids Note Inc. (“Kids Note”)

  1. Purposes of the Collection and Use of Personal Information
  2. Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Methods of Collection
  3. Details of Personal Information Provided to Third Parties (Recipients’ Names, Purposes, and Items)
  4. Period for the Retention and Use of Personal Information Collected
  5. Entrustment of the Handling of Personal Information and Trustees
  6. Procedures for and Methods of Destruction of Personal Information and Trustees
  7. Rights of Users and Their Legal Representatives and How to Exercise Such Rights
  8. Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information–collecting Devices, including Internet Login Information Files (Cookies), etc., and Refusal to Install Cookies
  9. Name and Contact Information of the Personal Information Manager or the Division in Charge of Handling Member Complaints

Article 1 (Collection and Use of Personal Information)

Kids Note collects personal information from its member(s) (“Member(s)”) so as to ensure that Members using its services (“Services”) can use a higher level of Services. Kids Note endeavors to protect Members’ personal information in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection. The protection and use of such personal information shall be subject to the privacy policy of Kids Note. Personal information is collected and used by Kids Note for its business purposes, including providing individuals with a proper user environment, informing them of the news concerning its products, a guide to privileges, etc., by collecting such personal information. In case of any addition to or change in such purposes of use thereof, Kids Note will publicly announce the same by posting public notice thereof on the bulletin board or by e-mail, starting at least seven days prior to the effective date of such addition or change. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such public notice will be given at least 30 days prior to the effective date of any material change in Members’ rights or obligations.

  • Type of the version of the privacy policy: 3.0
  • Effective date of the privacy policy: June 17, 2015

Article 2 (Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Methods of Collection)

Kids Note collects the following personal information from Members using its Services provided by Kids Note, at the time when Members apply for membership:

  1. Required items upon application for membership
    ID, password, real name, e-mail address, information on applicant’s children (names and gender), and mobile phone number
  2. Required items upon the purchase of commodities:
    Information on the place of delivery (recipient’s name and mobile phone number) and payment information (credit card number or account number / bank name)
  3. Required items upon refund (partial cancellation of purchases)
    Account number, bank name, and account holder’s name
  4. Upon inquiry concerning the opening of a shop or entering into a business partnership Contact information of the contact person (name and mobile phone number) In addition, other information generated in the course of using the Services by Members may be automatically generated and collected, including records of Services used by Members, access login information, cookies, payment records, etc.
  5. Methods of Collection of Personal Information
    1. Kids Note’s home page (membership applications, customer service bulletin board) and Kids Note applications (membership applications)
    2. Phone calls and online consultation through the customer service center
    3. Entries made through the payment window, upon making payments

Article 3 (Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information)

  1. Performance of agreements for the provision of Services, provision of content, provision of specific customized Services, delivery of goods, personal identification, purchases, etc.
  2. Member Management
    Provision of membership-based Services, personal identification, restrictions on the use of Services by Members who have violated Kids Note’s terms of use, sanctions against Members for their behaviors causing a hindrance to the provision of Services and involving any illegal use of Services, verification of applicants’ intent to apply for membership, and placing limitations on applying for membership and the number of membership applications made Preservation of records for the purpose of mediating disputes; handling of public grievances, including the resolution of complaints; delivery of notices; and verification of Members’ intent to withdraw from membership
  3. Use of personal information for the purpose of developing new Services, marketing, and advertising
    Development of new Services and provision of customized Services, provision of Services and insertion of advertisements according to statistical characteristics, verification of the efficacy of Services, communication of the information on events and provision of opportunities for participation, provision of advertising or commercial information, analysis of access frequency, and statistics with regard to the use of Services by Members

Article 4 (Period for the Retention and Use of Personal Information)

When a Member has withdrawn from his/her membership, his/her personal information will be promptly destroyed by Kids Note, without delay, except that the following information will be retained for a prescribed period for the reasons described below:

  1. Occurrence of any cause requiring the retention of such information pursuant to Kids Note’s internal policy
  2. ID information retained to prevent any duplicate applications for membership from being made, using identical IDs
  • Records with regard to the withdrawal of contracts or subscriptions, etc.
    • Grounds for retention: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
    • Retention period: Five years
  • Records with regard to payments, supply of goods, etc.
    • Grounds for retention: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
    • Retention period: Five years
  • Records with regard to the resolution of consumer complaints or disputes
    • Grounds for retention: Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, etc.
    • Retention period: Five years
  • Records with regard to visits for consumer services
    • Grounds for retention: Communication Privacy Protection Act
    • Retention period: Three months

Article 5 (Procedures for and Methods of Destruction of Personal Information)

  1. Members’ personal information is destroyed by Kids Note without delay, immediately after the purpose of collection and use thereof has been attained or the period of retention and use prescribed under applicable laws has elapsed. In addition, the personal information retained pursuant to applicable laws is not used by Kids Note for any purpose other than those prescribed under applicable laws.
  2. As for the methods of destruction, personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or through incineration, while personal information stored in the form of a file is permanently deleted in such a way as renders such records impossible to be regenerated.

Article 6 (Provision and Sharing of Personal Information)

Kids Note will, in no event, provide any of Members’ personal information to a third party for any purpose whatsoever, except where a Member has given his/her consent in advance or it is prescribed under applicable laws, or otherwise, Kids Note is required by investigative agencies to do so. Even when prior consent has been obtained from users, Kids Note will inform the users concerned of the recipient(s) of such information, the required items thereof, and until when and how such information will be managed by Kids Note, and will also follow the necessary procedures for seeking their consent in that regard.

Article 7 (Entrustment of the Handling of Personal Information)

In principle, Kids Note does not entrust any third party with the handling and management of Members’ personal information, which should be highly valuable to them.

Article 8 (Rights of Users and Legal Representatives, and How to Exercise Such Rights)

  1. A Member (or the legal representative of a Member under 14 years of age (“minor Member”) may, at any time, refer to or correct errors in the registered personal information of his/her own (or the minor Member’s) or make a request for withdrawal from his/her (or the minor Member’s) membership. To refer to or correct the personal information of his/her own (or the minor Member’s), the Member (or the aforementioned legal representative) shall click on “change personal information” (or “manage member information,” etc.). To withdraw from his/her (or the minor Member’s) membership (or revoke his/her (or the legal representative’s) consent already given), the Member or the legal representative must go through personal identification procedures by clicking on “withdraw from membership” and may then access or correct his/her (or the minor Member’s) member information or withdraw from his/her (or the minor Member’s) membership. Alternatively, withdrawal from such membership may also be achieved by contacting the personal information manager in writing, over the phone or by e-mail.
  2. If a Member has requested that errors contained in his/her personal information be corrected, Kids Note will not use or, otherwise, provide to a third party such personal information in question until such errors therein have been corrected. Furthermore, if any incorrect personal information of a Member has already been provided to a third party, Kids Note will promptly notify that third party of the result of correction, without delay, to ensure that the aforementioned incorrect personal information will be duly corrected.
  3. Kids Note ensures that the personal information terminated or deleted at the request of a Member (or the legal representative of a minor Member) will be disposed of in such a manner as set forth in the “Period for the retention and use of personal information.” In addition, such personal information will not be accessed or used for any purpose whatsoever.

Article 9 (Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Information–collecting Devices and Refusal to Install/Operate Such Devices)

To provide users with specifically customized services, Kids Note uses cookies that serve to store and retrieve users’ information from time to time. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent by the server used to operate a Web site and is stored within the hard disk of the user’s computer.

  1. Purposes of the Use of Cookies and How to Refuse to Install Cookies a. Cookies are used to provide targeted marketing and individually customized services by understanding users’ preference and areas of interest by analyzing members’ and non-members’ access frequency or visiting hours, etc.; pursuing their traces; checking the degree of their participation in events; the number of their visits; or otherwise. b. Users have options to install cookies. By setting options in their Web browser properly, users may allow all cookies to be automatically stored or cause such cookies to be stored every time, subject to users’ confirmation, or refuse to store all cookies.
  2. Utilization of Non-identifiable Information Kids Note enhances the efficiency of its Web site and improves users’ experience by using non-identifiable information.

Article 10 (Technical and Administrative Measures to Protect Personal Information)

To secure stability in handling Members’ personal information, Kids Note takes the following technical and administrative measures to protect such personal information from loss, theft, divulgement, alteration, or damage:

  1. Technical Measures
    Members’ personal information is protected through passwords, and important data are protected through separate security functions, including, without limitation, encryption of files and data to be transmitted or adoption of a file locking function.
  2. Administrative Measures Kids Note takes administrative measures, including the following:
  • Only employee(s) in charge of Members’ personal information is authorized to handle such personal information, and thus, the number of employees handling such personal information remains at a minimum level.
  • Such employee(s) is regularly given education concerning the acquisition of new security technologies and the obligation to protect personal information, and is granted an exclusive password so as to control access. For the avoidance of doubt, a Member’s ID and password should be used solely by the Member himself/herself, in principle. Therefore, Kids Note will not be liable to its Members for any problems arising as a result of divulgement of their personal information due to their negligence or out of security vulnerability intrinsic to the Internet.

Article 11 (Personal Information Manager; Consultation and Reporting)

  1. Personal Information Manager a. Name: Jhangwook Choi b. Phone number: 02-6297-7979 c. E-mail address: contact@kidsnote.com
  2. Personal Information Representative a. Name: Junghyeon Kim b. Phone number: 02-6297-7979 c. E-mail address: contact@kidsnote.com
  3. Personal Information Incident Report Center: (Toll free) 118 / https://privacy.kisa.or.kr/
  4. Cybercrime Investigation Department, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office: (Toll free) 1301 /cid@spo.go.kr
  5. Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency: (Toll free) 182 / https://cyberbureau.police.go.kr

Date of public notice: June 12, 2015

Effective date: June 19, 2015

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